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Installing Elegant Ornamental Iron Fences in Houston

iron fence
If you’re looking for an upgrade that adds an air of distinction to your Houston property, an iron fence is a great option. Not only does this product create a durable security barrier around your home or business, it also provides plenty of opportunities for artistic expression. However, while the right ferrous fencing can exude elegance, cheap materials and poor installation techniques can have significant negative impacts. Western Fence Company, Inc. has more than six decades of experience as a contractor, and we have a staff of talented designers who are ready to bring your dream fences to life.

Add a Decorative Touch to Your Residential or Commercial Property

Because of its beauty and versatility, there are many different locations where it’s appropriate to have an iron fence installation project. Whether you’re looking for an ornamental gate for the front of your property or decorative pool fencing to keep your swimming area secure, our design team is ready to create your perfect custom fences. For an extra bit of luxury, we can even incorporate artistic flourishes like aluminum finial end caps to reflect your personal sense of style. If you’re looking for a modern appearance or a bit of historic charm, there’s nothing that can touch classic wrought iron.

Ask Us for Recommendations

When it’s time to find that signature flat rail iron feature for your Houston property, contact the talented artisans at Western Fence Company, Inc. As a part of your free estimate, we can even take a look at your architecture and make design suggestions to seamlessly incorporate your new fences into the existing décor. For more information about chain link fence installation and other services, give us a call at 713-688-3435 to set up an appointment today.