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Building Sturdy Chain Link Fences for Houston Customers

chain link fence
If you need to protect your property but don’t have the budget for elaborate wooden or iron fencing, a chain link fence offers the ideal solution. While this product generally has a more utilitarian application, vinyl coatings can add some color to the galvanized metal mesh. If security is your concern, it’s important that you have a talented contractor handle the installation to avoid imperfections that could create an opening for an intruder. Western Fence Company, Inc. has been building fences in Houston for more than 60 years, and we can help you create a secure perimeter around areas of any size.

Creating Durable Barriers for Sports Facilities

While chain link fencing is a popular way to create barriers around commercial properties, it also has its place in the world of athletics. Most baseball and softball backstop installations incorporate this material into the design, and it’s also commonly used as a tennis court fence. The wide openings allow spectators to see all of the action while also providing a layer of protection from injury. Whether you’re trying to prevent balls from escaping the playing field or you need to keep people out of the area for insurance reasons, this is an excellent way to erect a barrier without breaking the bank.

Don’t Leave Your Property Unsecured

If you own a sport facility or commercial property in Houston, Western Fence Company, Inc. can put up the right barrier to maintain appropriate levels of security. Why put yourself at risk for an insurance liability situation when you can have an experienced contractor build sturdy fencing to keep things in place? To get a free estimate for your project or learn more about our gate installation service, call 713-688-3435 today to reach a member of our staff.